Warranty Deed, Quick Claim Deed, Deed of Reconveyance, Beneficiary Deed

Transfer title of your property with a deed.

  • Transfer title to an individual, husband & wife, or child with a Quit Claim Deed
  • Place property into a 3rd party entity such as a Trust, LLC, or Corporation
  • Transfer title to someone after you die with a Beneficiary Deed
What is a Deed?

A Deed is a legal document which transfers ownership or an ownership interest in a home, commercial building or parcel of land to another person, living trust, partnership, limited liability company, corporation or any other legal entity which may own property under the law of that State.

What is a Grantor?

A Grantor is the person who is transferring the property to another person or entity.

What is a Grantee?

A Grantee is the person receiving the property from another person or entity.